National Photography Month

Did you know that May is national photography month?  It seems fitting because May is also the month that we celebrate Mother’s day.  Photographs help me to remember some of my most favorite moments with my own mother as well as reminding me how far I have come in my own motherhood journey.

Are you a picture person?  By that I mean do you have photos framed and displayed all over your home?  I do.  Some may find it odd or even narcissistic that my house is filled with family photos (many of which I am also in).  To me however, it’s living surrounded by my happiest memories.  When life gets hard, seeing my family’s smiling faces can help to pull me out of a bad mood.  Each photo is a vivid reminder of a moment in time that I want to remember forever and thanks to the photos I will.

On that note, it’s worth mentioning that I really value printed photographs.  In today’s technological age, it’s easy to snap a dozen pictures a day.  We post then to FB or scroll through them on our phones but there’s something magical about a physical printed photograph.  Have you ever accidentally deleted a picture off of your phone and felt deep sadness over being unable to get it back?  I have.  It’s an awful feeling.  I’ve also had computer hard drives crash deleting hundreds of photos and with Facebook shifting towards “stories” pictures posted there will only stay there for 24 hours (or so I hear).   Of course printed photographs can be lost and misplaced as well but if you print them and put them into a book or album that can be safely stored for decades (or longer!)

There’s something truly special about being able to open a photo album and relive each of the precious memories inside.  Not everyone is as sentimental, but to me, my photo albums are some of my most prized possessions.  Sitting on the shelf is a book of photographs capturing the day that my husband and I met, an album of pictures from our wedding and honeymoon, pictures of the day we bought our first home, and pictures of the day our son was born.  Perhaps even more precious, are the pictures of the loved ones who we have lost.  They may be gone but they certainly NOT forgotten and seeing a picture brings a smile to my face.

So how do photographs relate to Mother’s Day? Looking at my photo albums help me to remember all of the fun times that I had as a kid with my own mom and also remind me of how far I have come in my own motherhood journey.  Unfortunately there are far more pictures of my husband with my son in my albums because I am usually the one behind the camera but It’s a good reminder to ask my husband to take the pictures every now and then so I can be in one.

Pictures of my son as a newborn remind me how small and how totally dependent on me he was.  Now pictures are more likely to show my son being active or interacting with my husband and I but that tells me that I am doing a good job.  My son is growing up and (while this also makes me sad) I am proud that he is getting more confident and independent every day.

Looking at pictures of myself with my mom as a little kid reminds me how lucky I am to have such an amazing mom and inspires me to try to do my best every day to live up to her example.

This Mother’s day, I encourage you to take a couple of pictures with your mom if you are fortunate enough to be able to spend the day together.  I also encourage you to step out from behind the camera and get your picture taken with your kids.  Your children will value those memories one day!  After you take those precious photos make sure that you take the time to download them off of your camera or phone and get them printed.  Don’t take the chance of losing those precious memories!  Sites like Shutterfly often have deals where you can order 100 prints free and just pay shipping so if you have everything uploaded and ready it’s easy to order when the sales come around.  Have some fun with it!  Happy Mother’s day and happy picture taking!



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