Our Beginning

The Birth of Rumina - Letter from the Founder

The idea for the Hands-Free Pumping Bra & Nursing Tank was inspired when my son was a few months old. My son and I struggled with breastfeeding for months, trying to find our rhythm. As I was anxiously preparing to return to work, he decided he preferred a bottle with expressed milk. This was when my deep love/hate relationship with the breast pump began.

I didn’t want to give formula but I struggled with pumping every 2-3 hours. I couldn’t drop everything to hold the breast shields up to my breasts for 30 minutes at a time. What new mom has the time?!

I searched for a hands-free solution, but nothing available worked for my body. My nipples weren’t in the right location for the “holes” or the garment didn’t stay up, defeating the purpose. On top of not finding a solution that worked hands-free for me, I hated to undress at work, even in a private room. Every time I sat there holding the pump to my breasts, I worried about how I could possibly be the mom I wanted to be and continue my demanding job. I was overwhelmed and after 2 ½ months of nursing and 4 months of exclusively pumping, I gave up.

After I emerged from my “mommy fog,” I became dedicated to developing a solution that would meet the needs of breastfeeding moms who pump in one comfortable and supportive garment. 3 ½ years later, the Hands-Free Pump&NurseTM Tank was born. This tank allows a mom to pump without revealing her tummy, disrobing or adding extra garments. It also serves as a nursing bra, allowing moms to easily nurse and reconnect with her infant. Best of all, it’s truly a hands-free solution that supports the daily needs of a busy breastfeeding mom!

While I wasn’t able to reach my own breastfeeding goals, I’m excited about the opportunity to help other moms reach theirs. The Hands-Free Pump&Nurse TankTM truly supports all you amazing moms and your breastfeeding experience.

Warmest wishes,


Founder of Rumina Nursingwear
Nov. 2011

The Birth of Rumina - Letter from the Founder

Dawn Alva – Founder & CEO

Since the Birth of Rumina, Dawn has worked to increase the Pump&Nurse TM line to include 2 styles of Pump&Nurse TM Tanks and 3 styles of Pump&Nurse TM Bras. As the designer and product developer Dawn’s goals are “to provide enough hands-free pumping and nursing styles and options to meet the various shapes and body sizes beautiful moms are.”

Dawn’s family has also grown since the Birth of Rumina to include a beautiful little girl. Dawn was committed to breastfeeding her second and like her first, it wasn’t an easy beginning. While she found the best latch and routine fairly quickly, her little girl went through a sever phase of acid reflex and not keeping the milk down. To keep her from loosing body weight, Dawn’s doctor suggested the elimination diet to see if it was a food that was causing the reflex. After months of eating no diary, soy, acidic foods and gluten Dawn and her little girl found the breastfeeding relationship Dawn always hoped for.

Amanda Hall – Secretary & Sales and Marketing

Dawn’s vision of Rumina was always to be a family business so shortly after she founded Rumina Dawn asked her sister, Amanda to help support her and her dream. As the younger sister, Amanda always felt support and encouragement from Dawn so she “saw this as an opportunity to be there for her and support Dawn in her dreams and goals.”

Amanda’s role within Rumina ranges from talking directly to customers, retail partners and establishing partnerships with mommy influencers, breastfeeding/pumping organizations and non-profits. From traveling to mommy events, to tradeshows to leading Rumina’s social media efforts, Amanda’s focus is to introduce Rumina to as many moms as possible to show how Rumina’s unique products can them reach their breastfeeding goals.

Trudy Alva – V.P. & Accounting

Dawn and Amanda’s mother Trudy is the financial officer and accountant for Rumina. With a background in finances and accounting, Trudy was a perfect fit to maintaining the sustainability of Rumina and to help provide insight on how and where to grow the company.

In addition to supporting Rumina’s growth, Trudy helps Amanda at trade shows, Dawn with aspects of product development and maintaining inventory. Similar to Amanda, Trudy believed in Dawn’s dream and saw how moms could truly benefit from Rumina’s Pump&Nurse TM products. She was excited to join Rumina and continues to be one of it’s biggest fans.