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I’ve heard of the baby fog. I know a lot of moms suffer from it and I don’t anticipate me being any different. I’ll have a lot of family around to help and that will be great but there’s only so much family can help with, especially when it comes to feeding. I’m hoping to breastfeed my little one and start pumping early, both for dad and family to help with feeding but to also to build a stash. Building a stash is the main reason I want to find a good nursing/pumping app. One that helps track pumping sessions but also one that keeps my milk stash organized (I like organization and easily get anxious without it). So I’m going to try to set myself up for success (I image the Rocky theme song whenever I get like this). Try to get ahead of the chaos and get things organized. Being a first time mom there’s a high possibility I could crash and burn but hey, I’m going to give it my best shot.

In looking at apps I ran across a lot of them but these are the top nursing and breastfeeding apps for Apple products. It looks like Baby Tracker: Nursing, Total Baby App, and Baby Connect (available for both Android, Apple and Kindle Fire) are leading the way for nursing app’s but I’ll probably get the Milkmaid app. If I’ve missed any that you love please feel free to share!

For Android click here for a link to Pumping and Breastfeeding Apps for Android – Part Two.

Baby Tracker:Nursing (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): Cost $4.99
As seen on CBS
• Easy Start/Stop Timer for Left & Right nursing sides (automatic timer shutoff at “59:59”)
• Add new nursing sessions manually w/out using timer or edit previous saved sessions
• Records bottle feeding (Formula/Milk), volume (oz/mL), and amount
• Nursing history log grouped by day
• Summed full day nursing times and session counts
• Visible last feeding time
• Multiple baby support (up to 6), with names, twin and triplet support but simultaneous nursing is not available
• Background color options (Pink, Blue, Green, or Gray)
• Data export via email
• Companion App Baby Tracker: Diapers to track wet diapers

iBaby Feed Timer (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): Costs $2.99
• Personalize App by adding picture, baby’s name and date of birth – tells how old baby is in weeks
• Multiple baby support, twins or siblings
• One button Start/Stop timer w/ pause button
• Log breast feeds, bottle feeds, expressing and diapers
• Unlimited diary of feed details
• At a glance view of how long since baby last fed, next feed time and which breast to use
• Local notification/reminder to alert when next feed is due
• Analysis of data including average time b/w feeds and feed times for day, week and month
• Charts display data for breast feeding, bottle feeding and diapers, trends such as baby feeding at same time every day or more dirty diapers
• View how long baby has feed for that day
• Manually add feeds or edit feeds and add notes to logged feeds such as if baby was sick or fussy
• Email data to your computer
• Choose if next feed is calculated from set interval or using current feeding trends
• App understands both breasts may be used during one feeding & it takes into account for the analysis as well as the next feed reminder
• Ability to specify the minimum time you would like to feed on each breast before swapping
• Timer continues to run in background on all iPhones – make calls, play games, etc while timer continues to run
• Supports the new iPhone 5 larger screen

Total Baby App (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): Costs $4.99
Featured in Parenting, babytalk and the Wall Street Journal
This app has a lot more than just breastfeeding and pumping, pretty much the ultimate app.
Main Screen
o Complete summary of child’s day grouped by time
o Amount of time since last timed event
o Child’s current age, days until next birthday, and recent photo
o Edit or delete any entry without leaving the main screen
o Jump to any date using arrow buttons or date picker
o Tap “Export Data” button for e-mail or sync/backup/restore
Timers (all timers will automatically stop)
o Diapers
o Feeding (Nursing/Bottles/Solids – fluid and solid selection changes dynamically based on child’s age)
o Pumping
o Sleeping
o Bath Time
o Create your own timer or single events
Entries (baby’s age is shown for every entry)
o Diary and Milestones
o Doctor Visits
o Growth Charts
o Vaccines
Other features
o Unlimited Data
o 151 built in description and timer events – fully customizable or create your own
o Analyze the data
o Reminder alarms
o Sync between devices over local Wi-Fi
o Complete Milk Pumping System to track Expiration and Usage
o Night Mode
o Add Past or Future entries
o Support for 6 children with dual timer display which automatically detects twins or multiples
o Promotion of proper alternate side nursing with both visual cues and automatic start functionality
o Backup/restore data
o Ability to enter in expected due date of child so you can start using right away
o Automatic conversion between all units of measurement

Milkmaid (iPhone, iPad): Costs $2.99
This one is the one I’ll probably end up getting because it looks like it was developed for pumping moms wanting to build a stash.
• Record pumping sessions
• Quickly see inventory of fresh and frozen milk in multiple locations (you can easily add custom locations)
• Tracks individual bottles and bags by pumping date so you use oldest milk first
• Combine milk from multiple pumping sessions or pour milk from one bottle into multiple bottles and freezer bags
• Record the bottles and bags used each day – app calculates average milk used last week to help you estimate how long your stash will last
• Set expiration period for each storage location and app will track expiration time of each bottle/bag in your stash – browse the stash to see containers that are nearing expiration or expired
• Timer for your pump session and Left/Right feature to track each side separately
• Supports oz. or mL or both
• Browse and edit entire history of pumpings and feedings
• Browse your entire inventory of fresh and frozen milk in multiple locations – see total volume stored in each location
• Export all data in spreadsheet and word processing format via email or Wi-Fi to share

Baby Nursing/Breast Feeding (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): Free
• Nursing Timer – Start/Stop timer (running icon to remind nursing timer is still running)
• View detailed info of nursing progress – most recent nursing, daily average and accumulative totals, how many ounces you have fed baby, baby weights before and after each feeding
• Take photos for different types of entries
• Tracks current location
• Track baby’s growth – record baby’s height, weight and head-size and app plots onto growth chart
• Has Diary feature
• Data backup available
Paid Purchase Includes
• Diaper tracking
• Pumping tracking
• Sleeping Timer
• Solids – tracks baby’s eating routine

Eat Sleep (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch): Free
• Personalize App with baby name and age
• Track how long your baby was breastfed and which side
• Track the amount of formula or pumped breast milk your baby consumed
• Track multiple children
• Add when baby finished sleeping & approximately how long
• Manually enter blocks of time quickly
• Track diaper changes and whether wet, dirty or both

Baby Feeding Log: Free
• Log feedings, sleep and diaper changes
• Easily see last feeding time and what side was used
• Log ounces of bottle feedings
• Email data in spreadsheet format
• Manually enter data you forgot to record
• Send real postcard of baby to friends and family


  1. Jim on September 3, 2014 at 9:02 am

    I am the author of Mommy Log. It is a free app that allows you to chart how much milk that you pump using a breast pump. It shows reports and graphs.

    It is super simple to use. All you have to do is enter the amount you pump and the date. That’s it.

  2. Gina Alabaster on September 13, 2014 at 7:31 am

    I have used the Mommy Log App for iPhone. It is a straight forward and easy to use app that lets you track how much milk you pump. It’s shows some nice graphs and reports about your supply.

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  4. New York Mom on May 28, 2015 at 7:17 pm

    Another great app is Breastfeeding Central: very helpful and easy to use, guides you through every stage of breastfeeding. It was rated a ‘best breastfeeding app’ by Parents Magazine.

  5. Fehners Software on July 7, 2015 at 4:45 am

    Our App iBaby Feed Timer mentioned in this post is now available for Android Phones. You can get it now from the Google Play store here:

  6. Feeding Journal on December 10, 2015 at 12:58 am

    There’s also Feeding Journal which is free to install (only 0.99 for the full version that tracks the full feeding history):

    We think it’s beautiful and fun to use!

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