Pump&Nurse™ Benefits

Simple Pumping


Rumina’s Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Collection is perfect for any mom who wants to give their baby the very best.

  • Spend less time pumping

  • Freely position the breast flange to your unique breast and nipple location

  • Easily insert flanges while wearing; no need to add extra garments with hooks, straps or deal with velcro

Rumina’s Crossover Bras, Tanks, and Strapless Bras use the same patented ‘no-hole’ layering to securely hold the pump flanges in place.

While Rumina’s true Seamless Collection discreetly positions the opening for the flange, to provide optimal coverage so you’ll never run the risk of showing through or your nipple rubbing on a seam.

Comfortable Support


Rumina’s Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Collection offers moms style options to ensure the perfect fit, support, and design!

  • Soft materials and styles to transition with her from bump to breastfeeding

  • Specifically designed material expands or adjusts to accommodate a changing body and engorgement

  • All day comfort or night, support

  • Unique styles with different levels of adjustments depending on body type and preferences

Convenient Nursing


Rumina’s Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Collection has all the functions you’ve come to love in nursing bras and tanks plus all the functionality a breastfeeding mom needs!

Rumina’s styles offer moms:

  • Pump and nurse at the same time to increase supply or build up a freezer for when you’re away from baby

  • Full drop down or pull aside cups allows skin-to-skin contact while nursing

  • Rumina’s Pump&Nurse Seamless Collection have easy one-handed nursing clasps

  • Rumina’s Pump&Nurse Crossover Bras and Tanks can simply be pulled down and to the side to nurse