Essential Pump&Nurse Bra

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  • Light-to-Moderate Support ideal for newly postpartum moms experiencing engorgement
  • Simple hands-free pumping bra, no hooks, Velcro, straps or zippers
  • Convenient pull down design for easy no-clasp nursing
  • Comfortable support, perfect for transitioning from bump to baby and to use as a sleep bra
  • Ideal support for nursing and pumping at the same time
  • If you’re 6+ weeks postpartum, looking for a Moderate to Firm Support, try Rumina’s Classic Crossover Hands-Free Pump&Nurse Bra

Light to Moderate Support, the Relaxed Crossover Bra is made with soft jersey knit cotton, perfect for the 3rd trimester, newly postpartum moms and as a sleep bra. The Relaxed Crossover Bra fluctuates with engorgement and will easily transition from bump to baby whether you’re nursing or pumping, day or night. As always, Rumina’s products work with ALL major breast pumps.

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2 reviews for Essential Pump&Nurse Bra

  1. Audrey

    Love this bra! I was looking for a bra that I could simultaneously breastfeed and pump with, and came across this bra. Unlike the other bras that have the clip on the strap, this one is totally wireless and has several layers so that you can insert the pumping flange. It’s very comfy, and makes it super easy for me to be able to pump and breastfeed at the same time.

    The holes are large enough that I can stick the flange in from the outside. I had found that with my Simple Wishes pumping bra, in addition to having to go through the effort of putting it on when ready to pump, the flanges on my pump were too large so it would have to be inserted from the inside, which was an additional hassle. Especially when you’re dealing with a hungry baby.

    With the Rumina bra, I already have it on, so all I have to do is stick the pumping flange in on one side, and then lift or lower (depending on your preference) the other side to breastfeed.

    I got this Relaxed version as well as the Classic, and haven’t noticed a significant difference. But even with the breastfeeding, my boobs are still small so that’s probably why. This bra turned out to be the product I was hoping it would be, and now it’s all I wear. Best of all, it’s reasonably priced- half the price of the Dairy Fairy Arden bra, which was another bra I came across in my search (but haven’t tried).

  2. Colleen Stockenberg

    This bra is amazing! I cannot even count the number of bras I’ve purchased post-partum for nursing, and I’ve been trying to find something that will be easy to use for night time pumping, since my little one sleeps through the evening. But, not only was this bra extremely comfortable, it literally was perfect! I didn’t have to take off my pajamas, take off my non-pumping bra, and put on my hands free pumping bra. IT’S ALL IN ONE! I immediately purchased 2 of the pumping tanks for me to use at work to make this process easier too! So excited!

    • Amanda

      Thanks Colleen!! We love hearing from moms that Rumina products work for them! We really appreciate you taking the time to write a review and we hope other moms see how much the Bra has helped you! Best wishes for you and your growing family. – Amanda, Rumina

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