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  • Rumina’s AMAZING All-In-One Seamless Cami is perfect for all breastfeeding moms! Combines the best qualities of your favorite maternity tank, and nursing and hands-free pumping bras.
  • Simple: Easy-to-Use “no hole” patented design allows you to position to your unique nipple location then front adjustment allows you to increase support of the bottle even as you pump.
  • Comfortable: So soft and smooth material with removable soft pad inserts for contouring and complete all day coverage. Material hugs your body, PERFECT for under work blouses and shirts!
  • Convenience: SAVES TIME by nursing and/or hands-free pumping all with the freedom to wear all day without undressing or adding extra garments. Works with ALL electric breast pumps.
  • See below detailed Description below for why 1000’s of moms PREFER Rumina

Rumina’s Hands-Free Seamless Pump&Nurse all-in-one Nursing Cami is the perfect foundation to support a moms unique and beautiful pregnancy and breastfeeding relationship. Moms don’t have to buy a “special” pumping “cami,” Rumina’s Pump&Nurse Cami can be worn as a maternity tank then transition for breastfeeding as a nursing tank with a built-in pumping bra. Rumina’s Pump&Nurse bras and tanks work with all breast pumps and have been used by 10’s of 1,000’s of busy moms who want to comfortably give their very best.

• You don’t have to disrobe or put on another pumping garment to hands-free double pump
• The ONLY ‘no hole over the nipple’ patented design that allows you to position the breast pump funnels to your unique nipple location for optimal suction then adjust to increase or decrease the amount of support while pumping!
• ‘No holes’ also means, this bra looks and feels like a traditional maternity and nursing cami

• No holes, zippers, Velcro or bulky layers to show through your shirt – no one should know you’re wearing a pumping or nursing cami
• Soft and comfortable with soft cup inserts help contour and add extra coverage so you feel confident to wear to work, out-and-about or at home playing with baby
• Fabric that beautifully shapes and support you for all day wear and adjusts to your changing body

• NO need to disrobe or put on another pumping garment saving you precious time
• One-handed drop down nursing clasps (as shown in picture) to nurse skin-to-skin with your baby
• You can easily massage and/or nurse AND pump at the same time to increase milk supply


SIZING (See Rumina Size Chart)
Rumina strives to fit ALL moms with their pumping and nursing needs. Remember all sizing charts are guides. Actual size may differ based on stage of post pregnancy, pre pregnancy size and personal preference.

Rumina is a mom-invented and designed product, solely owned and operated by moms committed to providing you with quality products that will last throughout your breastfeeding journey.

Designed in the USA and Imported. US Patent Numbers 8,469,770, 9,155,339. Additional Patents Pending

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Weight N/A
Dimensions 8 × .5 × 5.5 in

Black, Nude


2XL, 3XL, Large, Medium, Small, X-Large

1 review for Seamless hands-free Pumping and Nursing Cami

  1. Beth (verified owner)

    I want to give mad props to Rumina for inventing these pump and nurse tanks and bras, first of all! There is not anything else like it. I gave it 5 stars because it is really ingenious, but there are a few things needing work. However, I do want to say the good and the bad about the item. First of all I am incredibly happy that I can wear the tank to work daily and I DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE ANY CLOTHES to pump! I do not need to wear an additional bra with it. The support is good. I wear a loose fitting shirt on top or a button down and I can just pump in my shared office space and continue to work. That is the coolest thing about it. Additionally, its light weight and very comfortable material and fitted nicely. You really have to follow the instructions; however, to use it properly. Basically, you need to loosen it all the way and it works wonderfully.

    Now, on the other end, according to the measurements, I was between a Large and extra Large, but after taking the time to think about it (and considering I was already 6 months postpartum) I ordered one size larger than my previous pre-pregnancy size. I was a 34-D and I ordered a 34-DD or 36-D which is a medium. It fits very nicely.

    There are a few design flaws; however, in my opinion, but they can be incredibly easy to work out. The material used for this shirt, although so comfortable gets all the little stringy/linty/bally things from sweaters (I don’t know the proper name) attached to them very easily. So, I cannot wear the black one without an over shirt, it is ONLY an undershirt.

    The tan one, so far has been alright. However, I have not worn a sweater with it due to the change in season.

    Another design flaw is how the bra is tightened. It tightens backwards (like many), but for me at least this is difficult. I cannot get it to tighten all the way after pumping. Since, I have to loosen it to pump, I would like to tighten it afterwards, but it is difficult for me. I hope this can be reconsidered for future products.

    Thanks so much Rumina! I now have 3 of these tanks! I also have several of your bras and other tanks! You are my go-to company now for pumping an nursing bras and tanks!

    As a question- why do you have the model in white, when white is not available for purchase? Thanks

    • Amanda

      Thanks Beth for taking the time to write a very through review of the Bra and Cami! We really appreciate everything you said, pro’s and con’s, to really highlight your experience so other moms can hopefully gain a better understanding of the products and how they worked for you. Stating that you’re 6-months postpartum really helps moms know why you downsized and that following the How-To Pumping tips completely, really is important. My sister and I are always taking in and considering the feedback we hear, to keep an eye out for future adjustments to all Rumina patterns, so again, your experience and feedback is VERY appreciated! Thank you so much for being such a great Rumina mom! Best wishes to you and your growing family! The Rumina Team.

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