A couple of days ago a good friend sent me a text “please tell me it’s ok to stop nursing, I am drowning” or something to that effect. It got me thinking.

We are so hard on ourselves. I mean we were hard on ourselves pre-covid but now? This situation we are living in is next level. Unprecedented. Uncharted territory. Some of us have multiple kids at home remote learning. Some have kids and toddlers and babies (oh my!). Some have lost their job. Some are trying to work while also assisting remote learning. Some sent their kids back to school unsure. Some are pregnant and about to give birth in this chaotic climate.

None of us have any idea what we are doing because we haven’t done this before.

So yes, dear friend, if you are drowning you have the freedom to stop doing anything that is contributing to that. I don’t care if you nursed for 5 hours or 5 years. I don’t care if you are pumping. I don’t care if you want to night wean (an age appropriate child). I don’t care if you want to switch to formula. You can not pour from an empty cup.

You see, the success isn’t in how long you were able to provide your baby with a certain type of feeding. The success lies in loving your child. Providing a loving safe home. Giving them the tools to grow. Thrive. Live. Succeed. This will look different for everyone and that is okay. There is no right way to parent, especially in these bizarre times.

Breastfeeding is hard. You should congratulate yourself if you even tried. Formula feeding is hard. You should congratulate yourself for making the best choice for your family and situation. Weaning is hard. Celebrate the time you had and find joy in the next steps. Solids are hard. They are messy.

There is no easy way to be a parent. No way is better than another. Of course as a breastfeeding company we support all moms in their nursing and pumping goals, but the reality is, Rumina supports all moms. Full stop. End of story. There is a place for you here. You are enough.

So yes mama, you can stop. You can continue. You can do any combination. You matter. You are enough. You love your baby.

Celebrate that. Celebrate being enough. Celebrate that you are waking up every day and tackling these days like a badass. All of these choices feel so monumental, and they are important I am not discounting that, but the truth is in 15 years you will look back at the love you shared, nothing else.

Our kids are going to be okay, as long as we are okay. Please care for yourself. You matter. You are worthy. You are enough.


I’ll repeat that one more time for the mama who is unsure, you are enough. You have done enough. You do enough. You are a good mom. You are enough.

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