Podcast: Breastfeeding After Sexual Abuse

The Boob Group and I kick off Rumina’s Healing Series with a New Mommy Media Podcast: Breastfeeding After Sexual Abuse.

Along with featured expert Diana Sjostrom Psychologist, we discuss how sexual abuse can greatly impact your breastfeeding relationship between you and your baby. What are the main signs of trauma? How can you overcome those emotions and create a positive experience? Listen to the The Boob Group’s podcast here.

This is the first of my 3 posts I discuss how becoming a mother has helped me heal and see my body as my own, a place where my children grew and where I nourish them. Read my bio here and look for more of my posts about sexual abuse, motherhood and breastfeeding coming soon during Inclusive Breastfeeding’s Healing Series.

Inclusive Breastfeeding:
The Healing Series is a series dedicated to discussing topics often difficult for us aa women and mothers to talk about. It’s a series dedicated to empower women to talk with family, friends and each other because while motherhood can be a beautiful and an amazing journey, it also can be trying at times. It’s support from loved ones and each other that helps us get through our own personal struggles.

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